An ode to memory…

For who will testify, who will accurately describe our lives,
if we do not do it ourselves?”

– Faye Moskowitz, And the Bridge is Love

Memories are a weird bunch. They are like kaleidoscopes, continuously shifting, redefining, and altering our journey through life, and in the process growing in number and significance. Someone once said that we are the sum total of the impressions we leave. We beg to differ. We are not only defined by the memories we create but also by the memories we live by. The past is not just a chronological category. It is an everyday companion of our present. Memories do not merely consist of things that we leave behind. They are the sum total of what we decide to keep with us, right until this very moment.

The past is not an archive, it is but the library of my everyday.

“Everyday Memoirs”, as the name suggests, is about these very memories that we live by. We create our own memoirs: the monologues that help rationalize our lives, often in third person. Some memoirs are lost in dreams, some stay hidden deep down inside, some die alongside us, and some find their place in an old and dusted box in the attic. This project is about sharing the old pages from personal diaries. At times we try to silence the past, to live by the minute, the quarter of a mile and no more. Sadly, over a few miles, we realize how little we know about time. Everyday Memoirs is aimed at recreating autobiographical notes depicting that one emotion, one state of mind, one feeling that stood out at that moment in time.

This project started out with Love as the first theme.
We recently (May ’16) finished the the posts on our second theme: Senses.

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